My name is Michał, I live in Cracow, Poland. I have a wife and two daughters (born in 2013 and 2017).

I’m interested in many different topics, ranging from movie making to quantum computing. However, in the context of what I want to write about here, these are probably the most important questions I ask myself:

  • How to spend the time we have in the best possible way?
  • How we perceive the world?
  • What makes some people/organizations successful?


I used work at Estimote as Researcher/Software Engineer in Indoor Team, where I worked mostly on Indoor Location: it’s like Google Maps but for indoor spaces. Now I work at Bohr Technology where I develop quantum computing algorithms and help building community.


I’ve explained the origin of the name and my motivation in this post


I am a big fan of giving and getting feedback. One of our mottos at Estimote is “We need feedback to grow” and it’s something I agree with in 100%. So I appreciate feedback about anything:

  • typos
  • you don’t like colors on the blog
  • something I wrote was useful for you
  • you think a word I used is misleading
  • you have some tips how I can improve my writing
  • post was boring
  • anything, really.

Just write me an e-mail:


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Have a nice day!