#1 What Quantum Software Engineers do?

Where to listen:

In this episode I talk about the job of quantum software engineers. What this job is about and how it’s different from similar positions? What challenges do QSEs face? What are some typical tasks that they work on? I tried to answer all these questions.

Some links to useful resources:

  • My blog

  • A pull request containing some of the changes I’ve talked about testing validity of gates: here

  • The code containing the ansatz interface I talked about: here

  • Hands-on example – my presentation where I went in details through one of the tasks that I’ve been working on.

#2 Nicolas Sawaya on climate change and research in quantum chemistry

Where to listen:

In this episode I’ve talked with Nicolas Sawaya, a research scientist at Intel. Below you can find some main points and links to relevant resources:

Where you can find Nicolas:

Work at Intel

  • Algorithms research
  • Simulation tools
  • Intel’s hardware – quantum dots
  • Hardware co-design in quantum computing
  • Jim Clark link to interview

Climate change

  • What did we learn from Q4Climate.
  • What is the timeframe for QC having impact on climate change.
  • Designing hardware for specific problem
  • How results from QC could be used in chemistry industry
  • Resource estimation (paper from Zapata)
  • Progress in algorithms beats Moore’s Law (page 71 here).
  • FeMoCo
  • Data about greenhouse gas emissions: US gov, Our World in Data
  • Climate change and plastics
  • 350 silicon valley
  • QC Ethics

Simulating chemistry



Designing novel algorithms

  • How to select an interesting field?


  • Book 1: War and piece
  • Book 2: Behave
  • Also related, but not mentioned in the podcast: my blogposts on “What individuals can do about Climate Change”: part 1, part 2.