June 2020: This page is slightly outdated, will update it soon!

Traveling Salesman Problem

My activity on TSP consisted of several parts:

The first part is a solver - it uses grove to solve TSP given distances between cities.

After that I packed it into a series of tutorials, to make it easier for others to develop similar projects.

There used to be also an online demo accompanied by a blogpost, which solved the TSP using D-Wave machine. Unfortunately it stopped working some time ago, but the source code is available here .


I’ve implemented Variational Quantum Factoring - an algorithm by Eric Anschuetz et al. from Zapata Computing. It uses QAOA to solve the integer factoring problem. In this repository you can find both the implementation and accompanying research.


Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem is a more advanced version of TSP. Here you can find code we’ve developed together with Konrad Jałowiecki for solving this problem using D-Wave.

Yellow Submarine

Together with Ntwali Bashige and Przemek Chojecki we’ve tried to solve MaxCut problem using Continuous-Variable Quantum Computing paradigm with Strawberry Fields by Xanadu.

You can check out our code , research and paper.


bqResearch was a program we created at Bohr.Technology, which aimed at helping people do their own open-source research in QC.

I was helping with the projects, you can find some of them here: