Michał Stęchły


My name is Michał, I’m from Poland and I currently live in Canada. I have a wife and two daughters.

Apart from quantum computing, I’m interested in many different topics, such us behavioral psychology, moviemaking, data visualization and others.


I’m a quantum software engineer. I’m interested in quantum resource estimation, designing abstractions for QC, quantum software, and optimization (among others). I work at PsiQuantum, and previously I worked at Zapata Computing, in both places as a Quantum Software Engineer.

I am also an active member of QC community and worked on several open source projects (see projects).


I treat this blog as a platform to write about the topics that I find worth writing about :) Right now I focus on quantum computing, but you can expect occasional articles on other topics.

The name comes from the fact that my last name “Stęchły” translates to “Musty” in English.


One of our mottos at Estimote was “We need feedback to grow”. I agree with that in 100%, so if there is any feedback you would like to pass to me, don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail at michal@mustythoughts.com .


If you like what I’m doing and want to help me, you can:

  • Help me reach more people by sharing my work with others.
  • Support me financially through LiberaPay. Getting some financial support would help me spend more time on creating content, by outsourcing the less creative activities.