Let's move beyond circuits

Using circuits as a primary abstraction for quantum algorithms has multiple drawbacks. Here I discuss some of the issues and potential ways to move beyond circuit model.

Make a great first impression with your quantum computing resume

QC is not the easiest job market and what you put on your CV can make a real difference in getting into it or not. Here I share some advice on how to make sure you get this part right.

VQE - challenges and state of research

VQE is one of the most promising algorithms for chemistry applications. In this article I describe a lot of recent developments.

VQAs - challenges and state of research

Discussion about state of the art of research and challenges of variational quantum algorithms.

QOSF Mentorship program – what does the application process look like

I share some insights about how we have chosen participants for te QOSF mentorship program.

Common Computational Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them?

In this article I discuss some problems I'm facing doing computationally intensive research and some tips how to deal with them.

Variational Quantum Algorithms – How do they work?

All you wanted to know about the structure of variational quantum algorithms.

What individuals can do about climate - part 2

My thoughts about what we can do as individuals to fight climate change. Second part focusing on some general spacets of life decisions.

Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm explained

In this post I explain how QAOA, a prominent quantum algorithm for optimization, works.

QC Mentorship Program - backstory

History behind the QC Mentorship Program – program which aims to help people create open source QC projects.