QRE workshops summary

Summary of the QRE workshop that took place at IEEE Quantum Week in 2023.

Random acts of kindness

Some thoughts on how to make the world a better place :)

QAOA - challenges and state of research

QAOA is one of the most promising NISQ algorithms for optimization problems. In this article I describe extensions over the basic version and some recent developments.

Perfect Quantum Resource Estimation Software

In this piece go over challenges associated with writing software for quantum resource estimation (QRE) and how I imagine perfect QRE software to look like.

Let's move beyond circuits

Using circuits as a primary abstraction for quantum algorithms has multiple drawbacks. Here I discuss some of the issues and potential ways to move beyond circuit model.

Make a great first impression with your quantum computing resume

QC is not the easiest job market and what you put on your CV can make a real difference in getting into it or not. Here I share some advice on how to make sure you get this part right.

VQE - challenges and state of research

VQE is one of the most promising algorithms for chemistry applications. In this article I describe a lot of recent developments.

VQAs - challenges and state of research

Discussion about state of the art of research and challenges of variational quantum algorithms.

QOSF Mentorship program – what does the application process look like

I share some insights about how we have chosen participants for te QOSF mentorship program.

Common Computational Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them?

In this article I discuss some problems I'm facing doing computationally intensive research and some tips how to deal with them.